Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer in the States '14, Utah and Michigan

 UTAH! Good 'ol Utah! It's always so good to be back! We had lots of fun with cousins this summer. Hiking in Zions was a definate highlight. The National Parks are fantastic!

 Childhood unplugged, unhealthy, and unclothed! We must be at Grandma B's!
 Sand toys--OR cast-offs. You know your grandpa is a surgeon when.....
 Ah--the Michigan trip. Jake and I had a really nice time, despite the fact that we were there for eye surgery. Previously, we went to the Pediatric Opthalomogist in Doha and he said that Jake probably needed some eye correction. Right after that, we decided to add on North America to our health insurance plan and go back to Michigan to Dr. Archer who would tell us if he needed surgery or not. Jake and I headed out there and it was fun to just be the two of us. We landed late on Wednesday night and stayed with Marsha!!! Our dear friend from Saline. I have missed her. Thursday morning, we went straight to our appointment for Jake. Turns out--YES-- he does need some eye correction and the surgery was scheduled for Monday morning. We met with friends, went out to eat, to church, and water parks. It was fun seeing so many people, places and familiar Michigan things. Monday, the surgery went well. Jake was a champ. Tuesday was his check up and Tuesday night we flew back to Vegas and Matt picked us up. Whew. I'm so happy there are competent, kind doctors that could fix my little boy's eye.
 U of M hospital, my old stompin' ground.
 A sorority house near campus.
 Our old dentist's office. We stopped in to say hello and check if they had an appointment for a cleaning, but they were full. Bummer!
 Marsha was such a sweetheart. She was so welcoming and happy to host us. Even with other guests that she had, her brother and his wife and son, she still made time and energy for us. Bless her. She even ran the lionel train!!

 I got to meet up with DeeDee, who was just about to pop with baby #4. Love her. It was so fun for Jake to have boys to play with again. He was missing James and Eli. We went to an outdoor water park right on a lake. It was so Michigan-ish. Of course, there were storm clouds above and it was rather chilly at times, but nobody seemed to care. No one from Michigan, that is!

 Go Blue! The old familiar stadium. We used to live right by here!
 Met up with Candice and Lisa and Seidi. It was like we picked up right where we left off.
 Farmer's Market sights and sounds and smells. An old favorite.

 Asian-American fusion food.
 Mill Pond park, Jake trying to catch minnows. It's times like these that I really miss Michigan outdoor weather and things to do. The greenery is something I will always love and miss. It's the most beautiful state!

 Jake pre and post surgery. He was a trooper and did really well. Feeling incredibly grateful.

 Marsha selfie!! And Jake airplane watching and missing James. He said so himself. "Mom, I miss Jamsey." I did, too.

 We were happy to be reunited with everyone in St. George. Here we are at the Air Museum.

 Backyard camping at Grandma B's. The night they were going to do it, there was a thunder storm followed by rain so it didn't end up happening. The weather this summer was unusually fair. Not the super high temperatures and constant heat of southern Utah summers that I was used to. It was great!!

James and Grandma B and Max.

cutie James


Blue Angles St. George, Utah!